Nationwide Vendor Management Solutions

Title Process Oversight Management

We monitor the progress of your Title & Closing Vendors from title evidence delivery and accuracy, through proper identification of title impediments to resolution of issues in accordance with Client expectations and guidelines. Additionally, we act as an intermediary between servicers, internal sales representatives and the Title & Closing Vendors as necessary to facilitate the resolution of title issues.

Closing Disposition Management

Our team reviews and approves closing documents in accordance with applicable our client’s policies and procedures, updating all systems of record. We manage the direct sale disposition process, facilitate the resolution of title issues at or prior to closing, monitoring completion by the Title & Closing Vendors, ensuring that the closing process is completed inside timeframes.

Vendor Management

Reporting, monitoring and management of Title & Closing Vendors of all tasks and duties assigned. Performance and Scorecard management reporting includes:

Technology Solutions

Streamline Title’s proprietary FirstVision technology platform is integrated into various platforms to increase through the entire title and closing disposition process.

Platform Partners